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Pro-Palestinian protestors gather outside Cambridge MP’s office


Dozens gathered outside MP Bryan May’s Cambridge office on Thursday, asking him to join the calls for an immediate arms embargo on Israel.

The Canadian government defines an arms embargo as a sanction that aims to prevent weapons and military equipment from leaving or reaching a targeted country.

Protestors were chanting while and holding signs and Palestinian flags.

A website that launched in May, demanding the arms embargo, says dozens of Liberal, NDP and Green Party MP’S have already signed on.

There were similar rallies were held in other Canadian cities in hopes of gathering more support.

The website calls June 13 the national Day of Action – Arms Embargo Now.

"We are here to continue to ensure that every single MP joins and signs on to ensure that Canada is no longer complicit in funding military equipment to Israel,” said Shatha Mahmoud from the Palestinian Youth Movement.

CTV News reached out to Bryan May’s office for comment but didn’t get a response. Top Stories

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