GUELPH - A new residential proposal could be a win-win for the city.

Water safety at the Dolime Quarry was the focus of a public meeting Tuesday night in Guelph.

“We were concerned when the quarry closed and filled with water that some of it would make its way into the groundwater,” said Jennifer Rose, GM of Environmental Services.

The proposal would give the city of Guelph control of the land and the owners the go ahead to build a residential development.

“The aggregate business is a very good business,” said Bob Baxter, GM of River Valley Developments. “But given the needs of the city and the adversity that we had it was important for us to jump outside the box.

“We are very small compare to the city of Guelph so we are encouraged to see an opportunity to conduct a business plan.”

An information session was held in hopes of giving residents a first look and making them aware of what the plan will mean.

“I think there’s a misconception that we own this land,” said Guelph City Councillor Cath Downer. “This is a compromise. We get to close this quarry and protect our water and the owner will get to put in residential.”

A second public session will be scheduled some time in November.

“I think it’s important that the council stays neutral until we hear from the public,” said Downer.

The quarry owners say they won’t have any specifics for the layout of the potential development until they get the green light from council.