The mother of one of the three young girls a man is charged with sexually assaulting faced the accused in court.

Tim Gusak of Milton is also facing child pornography charges as he appeared in the Waterloo Region courthouse on Monday.

The mother of a child he has been charged with sexually assaulting when she was four years old in 2013 watched as he entered the prisoner’s box.

“I was very angry,” she said.

Police say the incident happened in the stairwell of a Barrie Place apartment in Waterloo.

“My daughter was having a bath and she disclosed to her father that someone had pulled her pants down in the hallway,” she said. “We were quite shocked and called police right away.”

Gusak is accused of a similar assault of a six-year-old girl in 2017 on Patricia Avenue in Kitchener.

Earlier this summer, a four-year-old girl was attacked on Brybeck Crescent.

Police say they have connected all three cases through DNA and add that there could be more victims.

“If there’s any more victims I hope they come forward,” the mother said. “Because we have to get that monster off the street or keep him off the street.”

Gusak’s bail has been adjourned as lawyers still have to make their submissions.

He is expected to appear by video on Wednesday to set a date for the bail hearing to continue.