Afraid for her own life and safety.

That’s what lawyers for Kirsten Bomberry argued in a London courtroom Tuesday.

The 36-year-old is charged with accessory after the fact in connection to the murders of three people from Six Nations.

Melissa Miller, Alan Porter and Michael Jamieson were found dead in a stolen pickup truck near London in 2018.

Miller was also pregnant at the time.

Crown attorney Joe Perfetto told the court on Friday that the victims were found wrapped in blankets, bound with cord and covered by a tent in the bed of the truck.

Porter and Miller were stabbed and Jamieson was shot in the chest.

Perfetto alleges all three were murdered at Bomberry’s house on October 28, 2018 and she tampered with evidence.

He also claims Bomberry told a witness where she buried the weapons in a field off of Highway 54.

Perfetto told the court that Bomberry, who has plead not guilty to the charges, knew what she was doing.

Bomberry’s lawyer argued that she was fearful and cleaned the mess that was left behind after the murders because she was in “self-preservation mode.”

He also claims Bomberry hid the weapons but intended to bring them to police at a later date.

Two others, Vernon Shipman and Ronald Sturgeon, have also been charged with accessory after the fact.

Nicholas Shipman, Thomas Bomberry and Jamie Beaver are charged with murder.