The Six Nations community has been hit hard by the deaths of three of its members, but some are beginning to feel relief after three arrests were made.

It has been more than four months since the bodies of Melissa Miller, Michael Jamieson and Alan Porter were found with a stolen pickup truck near London.

Still, the deaths weigh heavy.

“We’ve lost a lot,” says Amber Porter, a family member of Alan. “Not just us, but this community.”

Families of the victims sat together as police announced the three arrests Thursday at a press conference, emotional but grateful to police and victim services.

Nicholas Shipman, Thomas Bomberry and Jamie Beaver face second-degree murder charges in connection to the deaths.

“Maybe this will be the start of the healing process,” says Melissa Miller’s aunt.

Residents say that when tragedy strikes in their tight-knit community, everyone feels its impact.

“It’s still not over yet,” explains Sgt. Dave Smoke with the Six Nations police. “Families are going to have to live with this for the rest of their days, so there is a long road ahead of them.”

Several people in the community did not want to appear on camera, but it appears that the three accused are well-known in Six Nations.