KITCHENER -- Dogs could be at risk after an increase in reported kennel cough cases in Guelph.

Chicopee Hills Animal Hospital is one of the locations that have seen an increase in recent cases.

"In the last week or two, we've had several dogs that have come in with symptoms consistent with kennel cough," says Dr. Dee Croft.

A Facebook post is citing Peter Misersky Park as the place where an outbreak of cases began.

Dog owners say there's a trust policy between owners and if their dog is showing any symptoms, they simply won't bring their pet to the park.

Kennel cough isn't much worse for a dog than a cold is for humans. It's highly contagious, but also treatable.

"There's an intranasal and oral vaccine and both of those are very effective," says Dr. Croft.

The vaccine usually costs under $100 but it can vary from clinic to clinic.