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'I was pretty shaken up': Police respond to weapons call at Brantford high school

Brantford Police say a suspect has been taken into custody after a Brantford high school was placed on hold and secure.

Police cruisers swarmed North Park Collegiate just after 12:30 p.m. Thursday.

Police tweeted that the school had been placed on hold and secure “out of an abundance of caution,” later saying in another tweet it was due to a "weapons-related threat."

“We were all shock up, we didn’t know what happened we didn’t know what was going on,” a Grade 11 student told CTV News.

“I was in the washroom and I had three cops come in and they told me to put my hands up and I did that. I did everything they asked for, pretty much, and they ended up escorting me out,” another Grade 11 student said. “I was pretty shaken up.”

Students told CTV News they were under desks in their classrooms awaiting instructions on what to do next.

Students said teachers told them just before 1:30 p.m. that the threat had been “neutralized”.

Police said in the tweet that students and staff are safe.

“The suspect has been located and is in police custody,” police said in the tweet.

Students said it was a shocking experience.

“We didn’t have no clue what was going on. We went down to the corner of the hall and it was all locked down,” said a Grade 11 student.

“This is a place where you go to learn and be with your friends. It’s supposed to be a safe environment but when this stuff happens it makes you not want to come back for a while,” said another Grade 11 student.

When asked, Brantford police said they did not have any more information on the incident to provide.

Police have not said if a weapon was found or if any charges have been laid. Top Stories

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