KITCHENER - Carl Bondi, an outdoor grower, spoke with CTV News about his step-by-step process of how to harvest a cannabis crop. Here are his suggestions for at-home growers:

Cannabis plants are ready to harvest when trichomes, the microscopic crystals that coat the leaves and buds of the plant, are opaque white. This comes before it turns into an amber colour and over-matures.


  • Cutting large branches off
  • Or cutting the plant down from the bottom

Trim fan leaves

  • These are the bigger leaves that are used to bring in the sun and make the plant grow


  • Wash for 10 seconds in each solution:
  • Use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water for sterilization
  • Then use a mix of lemon juice, baking soda and water to wash off contaminants
  • Lastly, put it in water to rinse

Hang and dry

  • Hang and dry for about a week


  • Trimming and cleaning up any leftover or dead leaves
  • You can tell if the leaves are dying based on the yellow hue


  • This involves putting the buds in a jar and burping them, which means opening it up for a couple minutes once a day for about one month

Helpful tip:

  • Dehumidifiers make a difference: They help reduce drying time, give a more accurate dry and ensure the dry room has the right environmental controls to reduce any mold or mildew growth.