KITCHENER -- "Susan was driving the kids home from an afternoon of cross-country skiing," an online journal entry from a father read in part.

Gregson Lodge was talking about his wife and children, who were involved in a serious crash last weekend near Cambridge. His son, 12-year-old Evan Lodge, did not survive.

Police said that three vehicles were involved in the collision. The family was headed east on Sprague Road in North Dumfries when their van was hit by an SUV heading north. Shortly after, another SUV hit the two vehicles at the intersection.

"The van flipped over several times before landing on its roof," the journal entry said.

"Evan was believed to have been killed instantly."

Gregson Lodge went on to say that his other daughter, 10-year-old Amanda, had a pulse when his wife climbed to her, "but soon after her little heart stopped."

It was around 20 minutes before paramedics were able to resuscitate her. She has since been on life support ventilators at McMaster Hospital.

"It is not good," the journal entry said.

The couple's third and youngest child, eight-year-old Alyssa, was also hurt in the crash but is expected to recover. She suffered some minor injuries to her spleen, the family said, a hairline pelvic fracture, an injured right foot, scrapes and a concussion.

"Today was my first smile as Alyssa has improved dramatically and was smiling and laughing while taking her first walk with a walker," the girl's father said in a follow-up post in the online journal.

His wife Susan walked away from the crash unhurt but stiff from whiplash.

"Susan and Greg will remain at the hospital for some time and ask for only prayers," the journal said.

"At this time they are not in need of any food or financial assistance."