Should the City of Waterloo put fluoride back into its water supply?

It’s a debate that’s beginning again after Windsor recently voted to re-add the cavity preventing substance.

The issue first divided Waterloo before a referendum back in 2010.

Regional politicians voted to get rid of fluoride in Waterloo thanks in part to a big push from a group called Waterloo Watch.

The anti-fluoride side claimed it wasn’t safe to ingest.

Health Canada, the Centre for Disease Control and all dental associations, meanwhile, say there are no ill health effects and recommend adding fluoride to drinking water.

In Windsor, the public health unit says it’s seen a 51 per cent increase in tooth decay since they got rid of fluoride in the water five years ago.

There was a similar finding in Calgary, where kids there had an average of 3.8 more cavities after three years of non-fluoridated water.

Fluoride exists in our water already, but at a level below the minimum to be considered effective.

The Canadian Dental Association says roughly $1 spent on fluoride per person would save $38 in dental costs.

In 2010, less than half of Waterloo residents voted on the issue, meaning the results are not legally binding according to the Municipal Act.

With reporting from Max Wark