KITCHENER – Some students may have to change schools as the Waterloo Catholic District School Board is looking to redraw its boundary map.

Some schools, like St. John Catholic Elementary School, are overcapacity, while others are under capacity.

That disbursement has prompted the board to consider changing its boundaries to balance enrollment, but that could present a problem.

"All of the schools surrounding St. John are full," explains planning manager Lindsay Ford.

"So if we're looking to reduce enrollment at that school, those students need to go somewhere, and we have space at schools that aren't immediately next door to it. So we're looking at taking some of those students and bussing them to a different school."

That might mean that students who live near and go to St. John could be bussed to St. Nicholas, a school that is under capacity. But that would mean travelling across two other school zones.

The board says typically boundaries are based on keeping students close to home, but sometimes that can't be done.

The WCDSB will now create a committee that includes parents, trustees, principals and superintendents from the schools in question to come up with a plan.

A final decision on balancing enrollment across the board will be made in April.