KITCHENER -- The owner of a Waterloo cheese store broken into earlier this week said they're facing thousands of dollars in damage and stolen product.

Cindy Sellner of La Fromagerie said the break-in happened overnight Monday. When she arrived on Tuesday morning, she found police on the roof and surrounding her building.

"In total, with all of the damage, we are looking at $15,000 to $20,000," Sellner said.

Sellner said there's damage at multiple spots in her store. Some meat products were stolen and it looks like the suspects were trying to get into the business next door as well.

"It seemed to be the easy access to get to the convenience store without having their alarms trip, so they came through our roof and fell, I think, the rest of the way, by the damage," she said. "They proceeded to move our furniture and go through the wall."

"They reached by hand, they grabbed the cigarettes by hand," convenience store owner Javed Bhoban said. "Two cartons, so total 20-pack."

Bohban said the value of the cigarettes was around $250.

"I was just totally shocked, I couldn't believe that that much damage could happen over such a small, stupid incident," Sellner said.

She hopes to be open again by the weekend.

"We opened in the first week of the shutdown," Sellner said. "So, we can get through something like this."

Sellner said they don't have security cameras, but that's about to change.

Police are investigating the break-ins.