Your average child would consider a lot of ways to spend a summer day.

Kicking a ball around, playing games, reading books or going for a dip in the pool are common summer activities.

But for Hollis Tremblay, a warm, sunny weekend was the perfect opportunity to raise money for charity.

When mom Nikki showed her 7-year-old son a video of a child on crutches, Hollis was so moved that he began crying. He felt he had to do something to help.

He decided to try and sell lemonade to raise money for SickKids, spending his weekend pouring cups for $1 each from his family driveway on Oldfield Drive in Kitchener.

 “I’m so proud of him, I’ve always known he had such a great amount of empathy, but it was really nice to see him put it into action,” Nikki Tremblay said.

Their cause spread quicker than anticipated, drawing neighbours, wedding parties and even a public transit bus, she said.

They were busy enough that even Hollis' sister, Cleo, and his dad got involved.

 “I just really want people to feel better and stay alive,” Hollis Tremblay said.

They had raised $150 by Sunday afternoon.

With reporting from Tyler Calver.