KITCHENER -- A retired retirement home worker who bought a lottery ticket on a whim is celebrating a jackpot win of over $100,000.

Rozalija Hideg noticed the Poker Lotto jackpot was high, so she decided to play.

"I saw the second line was a flush and wondered how much I had won," she told staff at the OLG prize centre.

"Another customer in the store asked me how much I had won and I had to repeat several times, '$105,000.'"

Hideg also won another $5,000 on the instant portion of her game, as well as another $5 on the same ticket, bringing her total winnings to $105,222.80.

She plans on sharing her windfall with her daughters, and saving some to go on a vacation when she can travel again.

"I feel so excited – it’s a huge amount of money. You always wonder who wins these things, turns out, this time it’s me,” she concluded.

The winning ticket was purchased at Circle K on Strasburg Road in Kitchener.

The OLG Prize Centre had suspended in-person prize claim appointments because of COVID-19 restrictions, but has since reopened it. Prizes over $49,999.90 have to be claimed in person.