Suspended Waterloo Regional Police Sgt. Bradley Finucan has pleaded guilty to charges of harassment and possession of a fire arm without a license.

Finucan was charged in January 2015 with possession of a .357 Magnum revolver that he did not have a license for.

He was also charged with criminal harassment in relation to incidents involving two people beginning in 2012. One, Kelly Miller is a fellow officer of Waterloo Regional Police, the other is Alex McGillivary, a former member of the police.

In an agreed statement of facts Finucan and Miller were dating and living together. She moved out in August 2012, which was when the first complaint of harassment was noted.

Even though they were no longer living together, the couple was still seeing each other.

According to legal documents, it was during this time that Finucan became jealous of Miller working with other men.

Late that year going into early January 2013, Miller started dating McGillivary. Finucan became very jealous.

Over the course of the next two years, Miller received text messages from Finucan that she reported to police.

As a result, Waterloo Regional Police executed a search warrant at Finucan’s home. There, they found a .357 Magnum revolver , ammunition and pepper spray. None of those items had a valid license.

He was charged in January 2015, and has been suspended with pay since that time.

In court Friday, Finucan received an absolute discharge on the firearm charge. On the harassment charge he received a conditional discharge pending nine months of no contact with the victim.