KITCHENER -- The community is raising concerns after a trustee with the public school board allegedly shared emails from a resident.

The email was about the school resource officer program in the Waterloo Region District School Board. The program is currently under review.

Trustee Mike Ramsay allegedly shared an email from a resident about the program with a local newspaper and then told a local radio show that he had the right to do so.

An advocacy group has asked Ramsay, who is a former police officer, to be removed from the committee due to a conflict of interest.

A member of the group said their email was shared without their consent.

"I want to ensure the public that, whenever they reach out to a trustee at this board for assistance with the matter or to share a concern, their private and confidential information will remain private and confidential," said Joanne Weston, board chair.

Ramsay did not address the incident at Monday night's meeting.

The board said trustees will get additional training on privacy regulations to make sure this doesn't happen again.

The terms of the school resource officer program were finalized on Monday night. A report is expected in the fall.