KITCHENER -- The community of Woolwich is coming together to help support a family who lost their father in a crash last week.

Orvie Bowman, 48, was struck from behind while cycling north of Elmira on Friday around 7 p.m. on Arthur Street North between Reid Woods Drive and Sandy Hills Drive.

Waterloo regional police say the investigation is ongoing and no charges have been laid.

Orvie’s wife, Heather Bowman said she remembers receiving the dreadful news from police.

“Just numb, I think. How are we going to make it, I guess was the first thought.”

She said her husband of 24 years was a loving, caring and kind-hearted person.

“He was extremely humble, gentle. He was brilliant and a strong leader but in a very servant like way. He cared very deeply about people,” she said.

She said Orvie was a family man who always put her and their three kids first, and he had a strong relationship with God.

“We would often sit around in the front room of our house, with one playing piano, one playing guitar, singing pray songs.  He really loved that. And we was so proud of the kids and me,” Heather said.

The family said while they want to remind drivers to be careful on the roads, she said she only has love and support for the driver of the vehicle that struck her husband.

“We know his life has been changed drastically as well.”

The community of Woolwich is coming together to help support the family

Family, friends, and community members have since raised over $20,000 in less than two days for his three children.