Brian Crockett, a Crown attorney for Oxford County, has pleaded guilty to impaired driving and failing to provide a breath sample.

The 64-year-old was charged after police were called for a vehicle fire on Oxford Road 17 just outside of Woodstock on August 18.

A pickup truck had been attempting to reverse out of the entry to a walking trail when it ended up in a ditch and started a small grass fire.

As he entered his guilty plea on Tuesday, Crockett told the court “It was an addiction I needed to deal with…I am just so grateful no one was injured.”

He also said there was no justification for the situation that “has caused me to act in a completely unacceptable way.”

Since the incident, Crockett has also apologized to the officers involved in his arrest, and says they both did their jobs properly.

An outside attorney was needed to deal with the case, so Crown prosecutor Chris Vanderhooft was brought in from Manitoba.

He told the court “I have no doubt Mr. Crockett is remorseful and embarrassed by this situation.”

Crockett’s attorney says his client has completed a residential treatment program and been alcohol-free since the incident.

Crockett is well-known in Woodstock, including being the chair of the Woodstock Public Library Board. He has served as an attorney since 1989.

He was fined $1,250 for each charge and is prohibited from driving for a one-year period.

Crockett has been on leave from his position as Crown attorney and declined comment on the status of his employment following the sentencing.