KITCHENER -- Woodstock police say they've arrested and charged a man who they believe has been leaving needles, tacks and other sharp objects in play areas.

Officers made the arrest after seeing a suspicious man at Southside Park playground around 3:15 a.m. Thursday morning.

"There was a civilian in the area of the park that happened to notice a suspicious person at the park playground area," Const. Shaylyn Jackson said. "As soon as police received that call, we immediately responded and were able to locate the male."

A 37-year-old Woodstock man has been charged with mischief.

"It's scary," resident Morgan Protic said. "We just moved here, so it kind of spoils it. We just bought our first home. It spoils the neighbourhood. This is one of the reasons we the home so close to Southside, so we could enjoy it and it takes it away from us."

Police first reported that sharp objects had been left at parks back in August, when a woman reported finding hundreds of needles and tacks at Southside Park.

In September, city officials reported finding nails, needles and tacks at that same park. They also found needles at an off-leash dog park on Henry Street.