An apparent stabbing in north Waterloo sent two people to hospital Monday afternoon.

Police were called to a forest area off of Quiet Place, near Albert Street and Bearinger Road, around noon.

“There was an injured female at the scene,” says Waterloo Regional Police Staff Sgt. John Goodman.

“From that we were able to find the next party, who was injured in the bush, and bring them both out.”

The incident involved a woman and a man. Witnesses say the man appeared to have a stab wound in his neck.

Joshua Burfield was walking in the area when he became one of the first person on the scene.

“A girl walked up to me, she was covered in blood and she asked me to call 911,” he tells CTV News.

After police arrived, neighbour Dale Rombough joined them in the forest in an attempt to stabilize the man -- later performing CPR when his condition worsened.

“It was a bloody mess lying on the forest floor. It was horrifying,” he says.

“But at the same time, you’ve got someone there who’s dying, and you’ve got to help them.”

Police would not confirm the injuries suffered in the incident beyond calling them “not trivial” but non-life-threatening.

Once the injuries are dealt with, police say may lay an assault charge against the man.

“We’re still investigating,” says Goodman.

One of the two people involved lives in the area, police say.