Tanya Craddock, who was convicted of multiple charges for defrauding a Guelph roofing company, has been sentenced to two years behind bars.

The 42-year-old Fergus woman was accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars over three years as the controller for the Guelph company.

Guelph police Sgt. Doug Pflug says “Our investigation revealed over $300,000 was taken from the company and those funds were transferred to various credit cards that belong to the suspect.”

The judge called the theft of $322,000 pure greed and described Craddock as clever, cunning and heartless as he sentenced her to two years in prison and three years probation.

In victim impact statements the company owner and employees described how devastating the situation has been for the business and in their personal lives.

Employee Karren Sanvido told the court Craddock gained the trust of a lot of people then destroyed it.

“The reaction was shock and disbelief. No one believed she was stealing from the company and from that moment forth it was just a matter of keeping the company going, getting the accounts in order, because the books were a complete disaster.”

The judge in the case also reinforced a civil ruling by ordering restitution for the victims.

Anthony Speciale, a lawyer representing the company, says it is needed “To regenerate and reengineer the company so it can grow and we can add persons to work in the company instead of eliminating persons because of the greed that [the judge] referred to.”

Craddock’s lawyer, Nicholas Wansbutter, says she is trying to pay the money back and “has made arrangements to pay some of the money back by assigning interest in her marital home over to the victims.”

The theft was initially reported to police in 2010, and Craddock turned herself in to police in late 2011.