Suzie Wiebe was just another Saturday afternoon passenger on the bus, headed to a grocery store.

Without warning, Wiebe's commute would turn into a full on hostage situation, with her held in captivity for several hours.

“At one point, I definitely didn’t think I was going to get off without getting injured,” said Wiebe.

The incident began when the 25-year-old was approached and threatened by a 36-year-old man on the bus as she stood up to leave.

“He said if you don’t want to die and you don’t want HIV, sit down,” Wiebe told CTV News.

Wiebe was speaking to her husband, Gordon Chrysler, on the phone when she was threatened. Chrysler could immediately sense something was wrong.

“The last thing I asked her was, are you in danger?” said Chrysler. “And she said yes.”

Chrysler soon received a Facebook message from his wife saying “call the cops, crazy man”.

He then called the police, who instructed the driver of the bus to pull over. For nearly three hours, officers negotiated with Wiebe’s captor, who was using Wiebe as a human shield.

“He was moving me back and forth so that they couldn’t get an angle on him from outside the bus,” recalled Wiebe.

Police have not released the man’s name but tell CTV News that he had a number of demands. They included a visit to his son’s grave stone, heroin and pain killers, a cell phone, and Big Macs from McDonald’s.

During the ordeal, Wiebe had no idea if the man was armed.

“First he told me he had a gun, then he told me he had a knife,” said Wiebe.

“Then he finally came to the conclusion that he had a needle with his blood in it, and he has HIV and AIDS which he was going to give to me.”

Despite the traumatic situation, Wiebe was able to remain calm. In the end, the man turned himself in to police, and apologized to his hostage.

“He said you don’t deserve this, I’m sorry this had to happen, I don’t have a weapon, I never intended on hurting you at any point in time,” said Wiebe.