KITCHENER -- A woman has been charged after she allegedly stabbed a man in the back during an argument in Guelph.

According to police, the incident happened at 3:10 a.m. on Tuesday near the corner of Wyndham Street North and Carden Street.

The pair reportedly got into an argument that led to the woman pulling out a knife. In a news release, police said the man tried to run away, but the woman chased him and stabbed him in the back.

The man fled to a residential building for help and someone called the police. The man was taken by ambulance to a Hamilton hospital with serious injuries. He's now in stable condition.

About 15 minutes after the incident, officers found the woman in the city's downtown core and arrested her. The accused, 32, was charged with aggravated assault and weapons dangerous.

She was held in custody for a bail hearing on Tuesday.