Guelph police say a woman was airlifted to a Hamilton hospital after head-on collision on Gordon Street early Saturday morning.

The collision happened between a red Toyota Yaris and a Red Top Taxi just south of Vaughan Street.

Callum Grenier, who lives nearby, woke up upon hearing the crash.  “Originally, I thought something had fallen in the house like a fridge or something just because it was so loud.”

Firefighters had to use the jaws-of-life to get the female driver out of the vehicle.

Those who saw the aftermath say the woman is lucky to be alive.

Willard Martin was shocked by the damage and debris.  “It was really crumbled up really bad.  To be a survivor in that vehicle was a miracle.”

Police say her injuries don’t appear to be life-threatening, but she was taken by air ambulance as a precaution.

The driver of the taxi was taken to Guelph General Hospital with undisclosed injuries.

A section of Gordon Street was closed for several hours as police investigated the crash and it was a traffic nightmare for those moving in to the city. 

Saturday was move in day at the University of Guelph.  Traffic had to be redirected for over six hours on one of the busiest days of the year.

Police have yet to lay charges.

In an unrelated incident, two hours earlier a woman crashed her car into a hydro pole on Wellington Street.  She was arrested and charged with impaired driving.