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Witness testifies she found victim ‘in a pile of blood’ during Kitchener murder trial


A friend of Melinda Vasilije's roommate took the witness stand Wednesday in the trial of Ager Hasan, giving the jury her account of what happened the night Vasilije died.

Hasan has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the fatal stabbing of Vasilije – his former girlfriend.

Ilona Huynh said she went to Vasilije’s Kitchener apartment on April 28, 2017 because Vasilije’s roommate, Anna Manda, asked her to come over.

Huynh said Manda “wanted me to accompany her. She didn’t feel safe.”

Huynh added she and Manda left the apartment twice that evening. When they returned home the first time, a man was with Vasilije in her bedroom.

According to Huynh, the pair did not see who the man was but assumed it was Hasan because they were expecting him to visit.

Huynh said when the pair entered the apartment Manda yelled out “are you OK?”

Vasilije answered she was.

The pair then hung out in the living room for a while before leaving again to pick up fast food, Huynh testified.

When they arrived home after picking up food, they opened the door to find Vasilije’s body “in a pile of blood” around 2:30 a.m. on April 28.

Huynh testified “there was a knife in front of the door as soon as you opened it.”


Court also heard from Sgt. Greg Macdonald, a detective constable with Waterloo Regional Police at the time.

The jury saw surveillance video from a parking lot which the defence claimed it showed Vasilije and Hasan hugging and potentially kissing about an hour before police were called.

“That was not a short peck on the cheek,” the defence said.

“No – that lingered,” Macdonald agreed.

The two “appear at this point to be on good terms,” the defence added.

But when the crown asked Macdonald for clarification he said: “I see close physical contact. It could be kissing, it could be just embracing, it’s not certain.”

Two more witnesses, both officers who were first on scene April 28, told the court CPR was attempted for several minutes, and two bloody knives were immediately spotted. One next to Vasilije’s lifeless body, another in the kitchen. Both said to be covered in blood. Top Stories

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