WOODSTOCK -- The Woodstock Police Service is investigating eight separate incidents of sharp objects being left in public parks and playgrounds.

The most recent report was at a leash-free dog park on Henry Street.

On Friday, city crews were called in to pick up sewing needles that were found on the walking trail.

“It’s terrible,” says Joan Chamberlain, who visits the park every day with her dog. “Who wants to hurt a dog?”

Sharp objects have also been found around the yard and playground at Central Public School.

But the area targeted the most is area around Southside Park.

“Like any parent out there, obviously we’re all concerned,” says Woodstock resident Patty Bradshaw. “You just have to explain to your kids any dangers and risks that are associated with any public places.”

Councillor Ron Fraser put forward a notice of motion on Thursday, proposing a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

“This is not classified as a serious offense,” he says. “But to me and the community, it is, because it involves our children.”

Police believe all the incidents are connected and they say they have identified suspects.

“We believe presently that we’re putting our attention on one, possibly two [people],” says Det. Nikki VanLeeuwen.

They are also analyzing surveillance video, as well as looking at places where someone could buy bulk supplies of needles and tacks.

“There are several businesses within our city that sell that kind of product,” says VanLeeuwen. “Out detectives have reached out to all of those places and are investigating those possibilities.”

Police are also asking anyone with information to come forward.