KITCHENER -- A personal shopping service in Waterloo Region lets people browse the shelves from the comfort of their home.

Cart 2 Curb shops, packs and delivers items from stores in Waterloo Region and Guelph. It also provides customers with a livestream, letting them watch their shoppers in real time.

"It works really well for me because I have health issues," customer Marian Milner said.

Michael Dunn and Daniel Gadoua started the service after they were laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We can go to any store in the K-W, Cambridge, Guelph region," Gadoua said. "We can shop, pack and pick your groceries, your auto parts, your baked good, your meats from the butcher shop, wherever you want us to go. We can essentially get it to your house within two hours."

Milner is very grateful for the service.

"You don't have to walk around with a mask, so that's good, because that kind of inhibits my breathing quite a bit," she said.

The livestreamed shopping sets Cart 2 Curb apart from other delivery services.

"We figured we bring them back to the store, get them engaged," Gadoua said. "You can be on your couch and you can still be in a Costco or be in a supermarket like Kishki Halal and add those things to the cart in real time."

"You actually feel like you're there," Milner said.

The shoppers will go to big box stores, but like to focus on smaller, local shops that don't offer home delivery.

"As you know now with the situation with the corona and when winter comes, some people cannot drive, so to make it easier for them, everybody likes to make online orders and it arrives right away for them," said Abdul Kadar Mohammed, owner of Kishki Halal Supermarket.

Cart 2 Curb also helps stores get their products online by taking pictures of their items and posting them on their website.

"We reach out to the stores, get their products online, provide delivery for them without any of those crazy cuts like some of the bigger retailers," Gadoua said.

Delivery costs $10, plus five per cent of the order.

Cart 2 Curb hopes to expand its service outside of Waterloo Region.