KITCHENER -- Accelerated second dose appointments are now available to Waterloo Region residents who received an mRNA vaccine on or before May 9.

Anyone who received AstraZeneca for a first dose is also now eligible to receive a second dose of either AstraZeneca or an mRNA vaccine within eight weeks.

Anyone who is eligible for a shortened second dose interval should go to the region's website and fill out a request to change their second dose appointment using an online form. The region said original second dose appointments won't be cancelled until a new one is confirmed.

Receipts for first vaccinations can be downloaded from the provincial portal.

Local pharmacies are also offering COVID-19 vaccines in Waterloo Region. People can get a second dose of AstraZeneca, and first or second doses of Pfizer and Moderna from eligible pharmacies. Pfizer is available to anyone 12 and older, and Moderna for anyone 18 and older. A full list of pharmacies is available here.

People can cancel appointments at Waterloo Region vaccine clinics if needed by clicking the "cancel" option on their confirmation email or text message.

Residents who are interested in receiving their first dose can pre-register on the region's website. Pre-registration is open to everyone 12 and older. Officials said invitations to book will likely be sent the same day as pre-registration.