KITCHENER -- As the summer solstice comes by, and Waterloo Region residents get ready for what may come, local meteorologists are making their predictions for what the season will bring.

Sunday marked the day when the sun travels along its northernmost path in the sky, thus resulting in the longest day and shortest night of the year, and kicking off the official start of summer.

"In my opinion we've got the potential to see another beautiful, glorious sunshine with lots of sunshine," said Rob Kuhn, a meteorologist for Environment Canada. "Temperature predictions for what I've been seeing are probably above average, but near normal.

"I don't see it being horrendous, like it being the warmest July or August ever, but certainly above average."

When it comes to how much wet weather Waterloo Region will see this summer, Kuhn says it's a little harder to predict.

"It is so hit and miss in the summer, but it doesn't mean that we could be dry for two months and then get two months' worth of rain in three days, because thunderstorms have a tendency to do that in the summer," he said. "You might get all your months' worth of precipitation in three hours."

It was an especially dry spring in the region this year, with total precipitation levels around 100 milimetres less than what it would normally be this time of year.

"Given the patterns I've been seeing, until it really changes, I think there will be frequent, long dry spells," said Kuhn. "I don't see any changes coming."

Meanwhile, David Phillips, a senior climatologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, says to expect more of the same this summer.

"We think the flavour of the summer is already what we've seen," he said. "Expect these warm days above 30, that's what our call is, and of course with that comes some bad air days in terms of quality and also humidity."

Some young Waterloo Region residents tell CTV News they're looking forward to going out and enjoying the sun, having ice cream, and going to the pool or a splash pad.

Over at Bingemans in Kitchener, president Mark Bingeman is hoping to offer residents a chance to cool off at the water park that's anticipated to reopen in early July when the province enters step two.

"We've been working diligently with all the water parks across Ontario, which is certainly unique," he said. "The whole sector across the province has come together."

However, the threat of the Delta variant in Waterloo Region has prompted concerns the area may be left behind as the rest of the province takes a step forward.

"Our hope and assumption is that our region is working with the province to ensure that we can and that we are doing things so that we can make those items," said Bingeman. "It would be really unfortunate for our region not to be in step two with everyone else."

Even if the opening gets pushed back, Bingeman says the plan is in place and the water park will be opening at some point in the summer.