As MPP for Wellington-Halton Hills, Ted is a persistent and effective advocate for our communities and the values we share.  He speaks up for local education and healthcare services. He advocates for better infrastructure, including GO Train service through our riding. He makes local manufacturing jobs a priority. Ted listens, and then takes action—just as he's done for 20 years in the Ontario Legislature.  In 2004, Wilfrid Laurier University named him as a graduate who is "making a difference around the world."  Ted lives in Fergus with his wife, Lisa, who teaches Core French at James McQueen Public School. They have three sons.

Why should Ontarians vote for you?

Wellington-Halton Hills needs and deserves a representative who is trusted, experienced and dedicated. For the last 21 years, I have served my constituents effectively and conscientiously in the Ontario Legislature.

At election time I make only one promise – committing my best efforts on behalf of everyone I represent. Year after year, my record shows I keep that promise.

That record includes helping secure $2.6 million in funding for Georgetown Hospital's ER and CT scanner project. It includes obtaining approval for the new Groves Memorial Community Hospital in Centre Wellington. It includes taking the lead to pass a bill observing Emancipation Day in Ontario – the first bill co-sponsored by MPPs of different parties, working together. Again and again, we're getting things done.

My experience is working for the people of Wellington-Halton Hills. Let's keep it working, reaching out to the promise of the future.

 If you are elected as an MPP by your constituents, what will your top two priorities be?

I have more than two priorities. Ontario needs change in many areas.

Jobs and the economy: We need to encourage job creation, with renewed focus to regain the hundreds of thousands of well-paying manufacturing jobs lost under the Liberals. Small business, the engine of job creation, must be supported.

Health care: It must be accessible for our families when we need it. I will keep fighting to ensure the government keeps its commitments to Georgetown and Groves Hospitals. We also must address long-term care and the concerns of our seniors.

Education: We must promote continuous improvement in our schools, supporting our classroom teachers, building on our strengths, and always putting students first.

Living within our means: Provincial government spending has been out of control, leading to higher taxes and a massive increase in the provincial debt under the McGuinty Liberals.

Agriculture: By supporting research, supply management, and business risk management programs, we help to preserve farmland and ensure the future of farming in Ontario.

Fair and reasonable hydro bills: Hydro must be affordable for the average family. Ontario's electricity system must be better managed for safe, reliable power for households, farms and businesses, at a fair and reasonable price.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Ontarians?

In the short term, Ontarians' biggest challenge will come on October 6th: they will have to choose the people who will be best able to represent their interests and values in the Ontario Legislature – people able to meet the challenges we have today, and the challenges we'll face tomorrow.

When all is said and done, people want to support someone who they trust, who has the requisite experience, and who has shown dedication to all the communities in Wellington-Halton Hills.

They also must decide if they can trust the policies and leadership of Dalton McGuinty, and whether he deserves another term as Premier. Many people tell me he does not.

They will also judge whether the Ontario PC Party, led by Tim Hudak, is prepared to govern again, and if we have the best plan and vision for the next four years. We must show we are ready.