Reddit users have discovered a web page championing municipal amalgamation is not what it seems.

The 17,000 subscribers to the Kitchener and Waterloo Reddit pages were taken by surprise to find out that the picture used for the website’s author is someone else entirely.

The page claims it is penned by a Waterloo citizen named Stephanie Doran, who works for a non-profit organization and is a computer engineer.

In actuality, the photo is of Tanya Petti, a realtor from Niagara.

“I work for Coldwell Banker and I live in Niagara Falls,” said Petti. “So I'm not too sure how or why they’re using me.”

Petti says she's not affiliated with the website nor does she have an interested in Waterloo amalgamation.

A Stephanie Doran is listed on LinkedIn as a human resources director for a company called Galaxy Gate, which says it's a Canadian construction company focused on custom homes and subdivision projects.

CTV Kitchener called Galaxy Gate looking for Miss Doran to no avail.

Through the federal corporation lookup, Galaxy Gate is registered from an address in Richmond Hill to a Brindra Kainth.

On LinkedIn, the profile for a Barry Kainth lists him as CEO of Galaxy Gate.

CTV Kitchener also tried reaching out to a number listed for Barry Kainth to no avail.

The website went live on the same day that regional officials and local mayors met with the provincial task force in charge of examining amalgamation

“I am a great believer that we need to have a fulsome discussion and everything is on the table,” said Waterloo Region chair Karen Redman. “Is that the only solution? Absolutely not.”

Redman has seen the website, and speaking in generalities, says outside influences have always existed in politics, but Waterloo Region's borders are strong.

She's also never heard of Barry Kainth or Galaxy Gate.

In 2016, a Barry Kainth was listed online taking part in a Waterloo federal Liberal Party event.

CTV Kitchener asked around and not one person could say they know him.