A stormy night in late June did in fact produce a tornado, Environment Canada said Monday.

Initially, there were no reports of tornadoes from the June 22 storm, which moved into southwestern Ontario off Lake Huron.

The storm did prompt a number of road closures in London due to heavy rain – nearly 48 mm was reported – and one barn in Leamington was struck by lightning.

In Port Elgin, a lightning bolt hit a clothesline and entered a home, damaging a bathroom wall.

Monday, Environment Canada said that it had confirmed a minor tornado in the area of Holmesville, west of Clinton.

According to the agency, there was minor damage reported in the area, as well as evidence that objects “moved in different directions” and leaves splattered.

The tornado has been rated an EF-0, the lowest level on the scale.

It's Ontario's second tornado of 2015, following one near London on the last weekend of May.