A close call for construction workers in downtown Kitchener after their scaffolding was dislodged.

Three people were working on the top level of a scaffold removing old brick from a building on Queen Street on Thursday.

A truck, driving through an adjacent driveway, caught part of the scaffolding and nearly toppled the entire setup.

Dave Stevenson was working on the scaffolding and says the truck pulled four or five feet forward before stopping.

He says the accident could have been much worse.

“The truck driver didn’t hear us yelling at him,” says Stevenson.

“We were just very lucky. We’ve had a few scares over the years but not this much excitement for a long time.”

Queen Street was closed between Charles Street West and Joseph Street for several hours so that the steel could be dismantled safely.

Nearly a dozen people were trapped inside a hair salon for three hours and vehicles in a nearby parking lot had to be left overnight.

Construction work on the building is expected to resume on Friday.