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'We want to preserve it': Collectibles Expo returns to Bingemans

Collectors of all kinds got a special treat Sunday wit the return of the Collectibles Expo to Bingemans.

The Bingemans Conference Centre was buzzing on Sunday with the return of the much-anticipated Collectibles Expo, a treasure trove of comics, vinyl, sports memorabilia, and unique figurines.

Nearly 100 vendors flocked to the event, showcasing items that transport enthusiasts back to their childhood, or simply serve as worthy additions to their ever-growing collections.


Scott Christensen, the proprietor of Scottie Karate's Hall of Fame & Collectibles, said he could hardly contain his excitement.

"This is my second year into this business, and it’s great so far,” said Christensen. “It’s been busy. I've had to have my buddy Jeff here to help me at times.

“The Kitchener Bingemans show is one of my favourites. It's been a great experience.”

Not everyone comes to the Expo with the intent of making a purchase.

“I don't buy any of the collectible ones because I actually read them, and obviously, you can't do that if you're spending $160 on very flimsy paper that tends to fall apart if you actually interact with it,” said attendee Mac Billing. “I like living vicariously through other people's collecting. A lot of people get a lot of happiness out of that stuff.”


The event also hosts businesses like Collection Protection Services, whose mission is safeguarding these cherished items.

"We love comic books, we love collectibles, and that's the reason why, for the love of it, we want to preserve it," said Alfonso Espinos from the service.


Fans and vendors agree that the joy lies not just in the hunt for that elusive item, but also in the friendships formed and memories relived.

"Putting a smile on the kids faces and seeing the young collectors keep this hobby alive, that's one of my favourite things,” said Christensen. “Helping people find a treasure that maybe they had as a young child and seeing their expression on their face when they do find that toy again. It's pretty cool.”

Organizers say nearly 100 vendors came out for the 2023 event. Top Stories

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