A series of new security measures is coming to the Waterloo Catholic District School Board’s administrative headquarters.

The enhanced security features were proposed in response to what school board staff called “a number of security breaches” at the Weber Street building.

“It’s better safe than sorry, and we have to take some extra security measures,” John Shewchuk, the WCDSB’s chief managing officer, told CTV News.

Shewchuk says security incidents have “skyrocketed” in the last couple years, with police sometimes being called to deal with intruders multiple times in the same week.

He’s seen some of those incidents firsthand.

“(One) lady, who was about half my size, tried to strangle me with my own tie one day,” he said.

“She had to have a conversation with regional police about that.”

The planned measures include an electronic lock system at the building’s front door, blocking anyone not having a proper ID badge from entering the building without the receptionist’s approval, similar systems at a side entrance to the building and for its elevator, and a new door on the second floor.

Diane Thomas called news of the upgrades “wonderful”.

Her daughter works inside the building, and phones Thomas every night while on her way to her vehicle.

“I am scared for her and the other people that work here,” she said.

The total cost for the upgrades, which will bring security at the board office further in line with security at its schools, is approximately $26,000.