BRESLAU -- The Waterloo Warbirds are back in the air flying historical planes and are inviting their friends to join them at the Region of Waterloo International Airport.

The planes, all from the Cold War era, have been seen across the skies of Waterloo Region over the past few days as the pilots get ready for this year’s season.

COVID-19 restrictions grounded the Warbirds, with their last flight being in May to salute frontline workers.

Now, the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (CHAA)  have joined them at the region’s airport.

“We are so looking forward to getting some actual in-flight activity going on,” said Richard Cooper of the Warbirds.

For this week, they group is hosting a formation clinic. Those watching from the ground may notice maneuvers being done twice.

“I’ll take control of the airplane and demonstrate how a maneuver is done,” said formation coach Daniel Fortin. “Then the pilot of that airplane flies that maneuver, I critique their performance, and provide pointers on how they can better perform the maneuver more efficiently and, more importantly, in a safer manner.”

The Warbirds have started their private flights once again by appointment only.

“One of the great joys we have is that we’re able to share this with other people,” said Richard Cooper of the Warbirds. “To get them to realize our love of aviation so that they can appreciate how good it is.”