WATERLOO -- Residents of two different Waterloo neighbourhoods are on high alert after they say they have been targeted by thieves.

Nest cam footage from 4 a.m. on Monday shows what appears to be someone loading a white pickup truck with a large item from Karl English’s home.

He says this was one his cast iron urns, which have been in his family for more than three decades.

“It’s an invasion of privacy,” said English. “These are brazen characters, they have no sense of regard for property or people.

“My wife just spent all winter growing canna lilies and other flowers that we had put in them. We just filled them two days earlier.”

English says there is worry for those living in the Conservation Meadows area of Waterloo, as there have been about 10 garden thefts in the area.

One resident who lives less than two blocks away says their two cast aluminum planters were also taken.

In the town of Conestogo, resident Mark Webber’s surveillance footage shows some images of alleged thefts across the span of a few days.

“It’s just sad to think that someone has to do these type of things,” he said.

Webber adds that their stolen planters cost about $400 a piece. He has also reached out to a recycling company for advice on the matter.

“I said to my wife I’d buy some more, but her fear is they’re going to get stolen again,” he said. “If someone was trying to take them in for scrap value, there is no value. I think he said three dollars apiece. They must be trying to resell them.”

Waterloo Regional Police say they have been made aware of similar thefts in Waterloo neighbourhoods.

They advise residents to assess their outdoor lighting situation to shine a light on potential entry points.

Large plants or hedges could provide a hiding place for someone trying to gain access to a property as well.