Constable Andrew Robson a Waterloo Regional police officer has been convicted of stealing and possession of marijuana.

Robson's father says this is not the result he had hoped for.

"We’re disappointed… at the end of the day, we were hoping for a better outcome.” says John Robson.

He says when his son responded to a helicopter crash 4 years ago, it was a traumatic experience.

“My family's concern is he was injured on the job four years ago... in a way we can't imagine."

The court heard, Robson had turned to alcohol and marijuana in order to cope with the ordeal.

Police learned Robson had an alleged association with a woman suspected of drug dealing and another officer said Robson smoked marijuana like a fiend.

They set up an operation where an undercover officer posed as a distraught mother, asking Robson to dispose of 4 ounces of pot she'd discovered.

Robson only turned in half of it and was busted.

The defence argued he was entrapped. Today however the judge decided he was not entrapped and convicted Robson of the charges. 

Federal Crown, Iona Jaffe says, “I think her reasons were tremendously thorough and her conclusion on the entrapment issues was sound."

With a registered conviction this case moves into the sentencing phase but the defence hasn't ruled out an appeal.

"Once we get a chance to look closer at her honor's reason.  it's something we'll have to consider"  says Robson’s defence lawyer, Richard Niman,

John Robson says he just wants his son to get help.

"Maybe I’m a little less than biased, it’s my own son but I think we need to  stop thinking of them as machines and give them help."

The judge says its unfortunate Robson didn't obey the rules, a sentencing hearing for that begins next month.