The arctic-like cold has come and gone and temperatures are on the rise.

Residents were out at Kitchener's Victoria Park Sunday enjoying the weather while skating.

"Yesterday we were out 15 minutes or so and we'll probably be out today for at least an hour or more," said resident Jarid Henry.

The region is coming off its coldest stretch of the year with -20 Celsius temperatures on Friday and Saturday.

The chairlift was packed at Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort when temperatures broke the freezing mark in the afternoon.

"Today couldn't be better," said Bill Creighton, CEO of Chicopee. "The weather conditions are perfect, it's two over, and we have phenomenal snow."

The over 20 degree swing is something experts say can be common this time of year, but doesn't usually happen this quickly.

"Southwest winds have continued to pump in considerably milder air from the states," said Rob Kuhn, a severe weather meteorologist from Environment Canada. "Usually it might take two or three days for it to change from well below freezing to getting near freezing. This one here was quite remarkable."

Highs are expected to reach the mid-single digits in the week.