WATERLOO -- Region of Waterloo Public Health is now reporting a total of 242 cases of COVID-19, as well as the area's ninth death.

The new total updated Friday morning marks an increase of five from the previous day.

Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang, Acting Medical Officer of Health for the region, says the ninth death was a person in their 70s with prior health issues.

"We know many of you want to know when this will be over, but the reality is we don't know yet," she said. "These measures are very difficult, but they are absolutely necessary."

She also confirmed via video conference the projected number of deaths for Waterloo Region:

Number of Projected Deaths in Waterloo Region (over the course of the pandemic):

  • With public health measures in place: up to 615
  • Without Measures: 4,100

Number of Projected Deaths in Waterloo Region by April 30th:

  • With public health measures in place: 66
  • Without Measures: 246

"Models cannot predict what will happen," said Wang. "But models can explain what could happen to help support decision making."

She adds that, starting Friday, they will be increasing the number of tests issued to their maximum allotted amount.

"In the next weeks we are going to see a rise in our curve," said Wang. "We'll see many more test results from patients and health care workers.

"if we relax our measures, if we let up our guard even momentarily, this can and will lead to an escalation in cases and an escalatoin of deaths in Waterloo Region."

Those who get tested will soon be able to view test results online at covid19.ontario.ca

The region says that of the 242 cases, 77 have been resolved.

By the numbers:

  • Cases in hospital: 28
  • Cases ever hospitalized: 55
  • Cases reported in healthcare workers: 74
  • Cases linked to long-term care or retirement home outbreaks: 32
  • Cases in people in their 50s: 25 per cent
  • Cases in females: 143
  • Cases who are health care workers: 31 per cent
  • Close contact or community spread: 16

With reporting by Krista Sharpe