Traffic technicians with the City of Waterloo are trying to keep vehicle speed in check with digital signs that read speeds of oncoming traffic.

The signs display a driver’s speed as they approach, and collect data to monitor driver behaviours.

They provide officials with information including speeds, volume and problematic times of day. While the signs themselves don’t issue tickets, the information they collect can be used to refer police to problem areas.

There are currently two signs in circulation, valued at $5,000 each.

They are posted in neighbourhoods for one to two weeks, chosen based on previous problems or resident complaints.

“We have areas that are speed issues constantly, so we do tend to put them in those areas,” said Michael Balog, a traffic technician with the City of Waterloo.

The signs are being described as traffic calming device, to help drivers see how quickly they’re going. While no traffic calming device is perfect, Balog said residents have noticed a difference once the signs are up.