KITCHENER -- There will be a slight change to COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Waterloo Region this week.

Like other clinics across Ontario, Moderna shots will be given out instead of Pfizer for the next while due to a two to three day shipment delay to the province.

Anyone 18 and older will receive a Moderna shot at the Cambridge Pinebush Clinic and at the Boardwalk Clinic.

Earlier this week, health urged people to keep their vaccine appointments since Moderna is nearly identical to Pfizer and both use the same vaccine technology.

"Do not turn down Moderna to wait for Pfizer, get the first mRNA vaccine that's available to you," said Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang, the Medical Officer ofHealth for the region. "We have already built a good portion of this wall of protection through the immunization rates we've achieved to date. We need to keep building our wall."

Any Pfizer doses already on hand are being saved for those 12-17 years old because it's the only vaccine currently approved for that age group.