KITCHENER – Some lottery winners for proposed cannabis retail store licences are moving to new locations.

Now, Waterloo Region could become home to three provincially-approved pot shops.

The AGCO website lists an Alberta company's proposed shop at 35 King St. S., but a source tells CTV that's a typo: it's actually 32 King St. S., which is the former location of OW Sports.

Two and a half years ago, O.W. Sports closed its doors after 15 years in business. The original choice for the retailer was in downtown Kitchener.

A local broker who deals with retail real estate says there's been a flurry of activity with cannabis franchises wanting to locate within the region over the past year.

He says there are a number of reasons behind the changes.

"They could be disqualified for a number of reasons that don't comply with the licensing standards or with the fact that the public gets notification," Ryan Kaitting explains.

"I believe there's a two-week period after the notification for them to come forth with legitimate claims or concerns. That could also disqualify the site."

A proposed location on Fairway is still on the table and in the works.

A retailer who had originally listed Guelph as the site of a proposed pot shop now has a Cambridge address, at one of the big box stores on Pinebush Road.