KITCHENER -- Both residents and businesses have been able to pivot for Mother’s Days during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Queen of Hearts Coffee and Tea House was one business boxing up their products to celebrate moms from home.

“This includes a special Mother’s Day tea tin, which is a strawberry vanilla rooibos tea,” said owner Alyshia Bestard. “So they’re getting an entire tea tin and then they’re getting our normal afternoon tea which is three tiers of food.”

Some of this food includes tiny sandwiches, scones, housemade cream, jam, and sweet treats.

Red House is normally closed on Sundays, but for this Mother’s Day they fired up to the grill to help bring others bring meals home.

“We’re doing feature Sangria, and we’ve had orders come in all week with people trying to make sure they don’t miss out on things for Mom,” said chef and owner Dan McCowan.

Living Fresh Flower Studio was closed last year due to the pandemic, but took a leap of faith this year for those who favour flowers.

“I actually bought 1,000 stems of peonies from a local grower and I was so afraid because it was a huge investment, but we sold them all except for one bucket that I’m going to let people buy today,” said owner Tina Sharpe.

She adds that she’s noticed a change in shopping habits during the pandemic, with more pre-orders being placed, including over 100 pickups on Saturday.

“This year I think people were just more prepared with this new way of living,” said Bestard.

Waterloo Region residents tell CTV News they’ve still managed celebrate their mothers despite the COVID-19 pandemic, like ordering in and supporting a local restaurant.

“Her being able to be a part of our lives and coming to visit us has always been a good thing during the pandemic,” one resident said. “She lives alone, so having her here in our circle and being safe is always nice.”