WATERLOO -- A Waterloo man has been expressing his creativity through snow sculptures for years and this year he's sharing tricks of the trade with others during the pandemic.

"My favourite part about it is being creative with what you make and how you get to carve whatever you want," said Sam Robertson, a Snow Sculptor Club Member.

What started off as a pile of snow has quickly transformed into a centrepiece in Matt Morris' front yard.

"When it snows, it's unlimited and an opportunity to be creative," he said.

Morris has created a new virtual club to share his love for sculpting snow.

"It's a free workout, it's a great workout, you're outside having conversations with your neighbour. A little bit of community building as well," he said.

The passion project has no limits for who wants to join.

"Anywhere in the world, for that matter," Morris said. "As long as they have snow, could participate and have way more fun than maybe they expected."

There's a website for the virtual club, featuring how-to videos for the sculptures on display at his Waterloo home.

"I sometimes need a couple tips on how to do it, because my things fall apart and I get annoyed with them," club member Stella Sedra said.

Morris has also created tools to help with the process.

"I've made 80 of these pounders and I've given out over 70 now to my local community," he said.

Morris said it takes about an hour to carve each sculpture and the trick is to allow the snow to get cold before starting the carving process.

Morris' how-to videos and other tips can be found here.