Mark Steven Reading plead guilty and was charged with second degree murder. At the time of the incident, Reading was an assistant manager at a downtown Kitchener bar, today he was found guilty of manslaughter.

Reading had been charged with second degree murder in the death of Slobodan Neskovich known to family and friends as Sasha.

Reading who is now 41, was an assistant manager of a downtown Kitchener bar at the time of the incident, he says he punched Neskovich in the face during an argument over a bar tab.

According to the facts read in court, Reading punched Neskovich once on the jaw. Neskovich went down, striking his head on a concrete wall, and died of brain injuries two days later.

There was evidence Neskovich may have pushed Reading in the chest before the punch was thrown, but there are witnesses who contest that fact saying they didn’t see the push.

The court heard that Neskovich had withdrawn 200 hundred dollars and went to the bar to pay the tab. There was an argument, between the two, and when he tried to hand Reading the money, Reading threw it back at him.

Evidence was also given today that Reading cried after it happened telling someone he shouldn't have done it.

A priest at Neskovich’s church described Sasha as a quiet, friendly and peaceful man. He also said his family was very active in their church and community.

Outside of the court house, the Neskovich family was too emotional to comment.

Reading will be sentenced in February.