A 25-year-old Waterloo man is facing weapons charges following a bizarre incident outside the Student Life Centre at the University of Waterloo Saturday night.

Police received a tip that a man was seen firing a handgun in the area of Cedar Grove Road. The man drove away from that area but police managed to find him a short time later. The man was arrested at gunpoint.

While police were searching the vehicle, they found a semi-automatic rifle, ammunition and a Frankenstein mask.

Waterloo Regional Police say the man was cooperative and compliant at the time of the arrest. 

“This, unfortunately, was an irresponsible gun owner who made some poor decisions and obviously some very bad judgement in the use of his firearms.” says Corrie Thompson of Waterloo Regional Police Service.

Across the street from where the man was arrested is a residence village where 1,200 students live.

“It’s pretty creepy, I’ve never really heard of something like that around here.” says Zach Devries, a student living in the area.

After hours of interrogation, police deduced no university students, staff or faculty were in harm’s way.

The man has been released from police custody on a promise to appear in court.