Daniel P. Reeve has had his day parole revoked just months after he was released to a halfway house in Hamilton.

The Waterloo man convicted in one of the region's largest fraud cases is back behind bars for at least another year after a hearing on Wednesday.

He was convicted last year of swindling 40 victims out of a combined $10 million. Despite a 14-year prison term, he was given 10 years because of time served.

Reeve was given day parole in December and released in February to a halfway house in Hamilton.

But in May, the parole board confirmed that he had been arrested. At the time, they would only say an offender's conditional release could be suspended for any of the following reasons:

  • For breaching probation
  • Because it's deemed necessary to prevent the breach of probation
  • The suspension is necessary for the protection of society

CTV News has now learned that his parole was revoked on Aug. 7 and that he cannot request parole for one year because he is at risk of re-offending.

The hearing was held at the Beaver Creek Institution in Gravenhurst, with a few of Reeve's victims in attendance.

It's a medium security prison where Reeve is currently staying.

The parole board is currently unable to provide the decision from yesterday's hearing, saying board members have to put the decision in writing.

They have 15 days to do so.