KITCHENER -- A Waterloo couple had been on the adventure of a lifetime in a bus they renovated themselves, until it was brought to a halt because of the pandemic.

Newlyweds Emily Sehl and Jane Ozkowski saved up some money and took a leave from their full-time jobs as a writer and teacher.

“We ended up buying a short school bus, which we gutted out completely, and turned into our own tiny home,” says Sehl.

For their honeymoon, they hit the road in their new home, but their trip was cut short.

When the couple was forced to return home, the empty adventure void still needed to be filled. So they took the rest of their unused travel money to buy a second tiny space.

“When we got the camper it was so incredibly ugly,” Ozkowski says.

The pair used their self-isolation time as the ultimate creative release.  

They installed hidden tables, incorporated barn doors and made their own kitchen counters, allowing the couple to expand on their newfound passion.

“It’s so cool to be able to think of something then at the end of the day, you just invented it and now it exists in the world,” said Sehl.

Their school bus is being rented out and the camper is up for sale.

They say they’re not sure if they’ll start an official business, but their new adventure has just begun.

All images are sourced from CampLoveSick / Instagram.