KITCHENER -- A Waterloo-based company has created a prototype for a product they are hoping will help fight the spread of COVID-19.

The Maxtech Group has applied to patent the device called knobby, which the CEO hopes will eliminate the need for users to touch door knobs and handles with their hands.

“The virus is spread by people touching knobs and handles. They come from washroom someone hasn't washed yet. People moving in and out,” said Kacee Vasudeva, CEO of Maxtech.

“So, this was our first idea how to develop something so that you never have to touch the door handle.”

The CEO says the project started a month ago and if the patent is approved it can be in production in 30 days.

He says they can likely make 50,000 products a week.

Knobby will be able to hang from a belt and will have a compartment on the end to store hand sanitizer.